18th June 2023

10km Trail Race
with 4.5km Junior Race


Entries Now Open

Entries Now Open


Trent Park is a beautiful place to run around, which is one of the reasons this race is so popular and, apart from the Covid lockdown period, has been going for so long organised each year since 1998.

The race starts on a grass field before a brief tarmac section of the course. Then into the woods where you run downhill past the 2km mark to the first uphill section.

At the top of the hill, the course levels out, past the first water station then onto a gravel path and downhill. From here it is into Bluebell Wood for a short uphill section. Back onto the tarmac for a few meters past the second water station before turning and going down Cottage Hill on a gravel path.

The junior race turns back to the start at this water station.

From Cottage hill, the senior course levels out and you stay on the gravel path running past the lakes before turning off the path onto the grass at the halfway 5 km mark.

A gentle (in our opinion) uphill before turning into the woods for a gradual uphill to the highest point on the course, the Obelisk.  Past Camlet Moat back to the first water station again and return along the route back towards the start/finish.

From here is a nice downhill section before an uphill known to club members as Everest! and the 8 km mark. This is the last hill (we promise) and at the top it is flat. Back along the tarmac before turning back onto the field and a sprint finish for the line.

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Course Map
Seniors 10km course

Junior 4.5Km course

Please note: This above was GPS-tracked and not on a race day. Therefore, may not be 100% accurate. We reserve the right to change the course without notice. However, have only done this in the past due to obstacles on the planned route.

Here is a video from our 2015 race

hanks to club member Paul Brennan for agreeing to run with a GoPro on his head, and Phil Johnson for the use of the camera, editing the video and publishing.